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About Me


my philosophy:

to over deliver cinematic beauty 

We’re an exciting new company bringing together people who have worked in the film production industry for many years. With experience in creating engaging content for our clients, we are now focused on a common goal – making foodie films. We all share a love of good food and drink.


That’s why we’ve started Mint Flicks so we can use our expertise in producing high quality beautiful content for TV and the Web and focus it on the subject we love most to help you grow and promote your business.


We want to start long and fruitful relationships with people who share our passion and enthusiasm for gastronomic delights.


Get in touch - we’re happy to consult with you on what kind of film project would suit your business.  We can provide you with a detailed, bespoke quote and you can get a head start on spreading the word about your brand with a memorable, cinematic video.

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